On July 19, 2019, Youth IGF Indonesia together with Qasir.id were invited to AIESEC President University to talk about the importance of Digital Entrepreneurship Skills in their Exchange Students Programme.

Youth IGF Indonesia was introduced by Ms. RA Annisa Putri: “We are recognized and based on the principles of the UN Internet Governance Forum.” She explained what our concepts are, our vision and missions: “Our visions and missions are to discuss Internet Governance issues, discuss and exchange ideas in add-on Internet-related challenges.” and our past experiences which is also listed in our blogs.

Ms. Annisa Putri introducing Youth IGF Indonesia

She explained about our on-going projects, Bully.id, which will be a platform to give emotional and legal support for bully victims – giving awareness its serious impacts as well: “Our goal of tackling cyberbullying by increasing its awareness, giving emotional and legal support.”

This all goes back to the main focus: Why Digital (Entrepreneurship) Skills are important to everyone, especially the youths?

In an increasingly advanced and sophisticated era, young people are required to continue to innovate, so that they’re not eroded by the era. Now almost everything is made digitally to help people get their work done. Digital technology is increasingly developing to produce digital products that are rich in benefits. Advanced technology that is in harmony with business, is a trend this year. How business can grow rapidly because it is supported by the power of digital technology. Therefore we need development and debriefing about digital skills and digital entrepreneurship. So that we are capable of making technologies, and also capable of opening business opportunities. There is no denying that many companies are now looking for employees with digital capabilities. And not a few technological innovations help life in society.

Digital skills are the ability to search, assess, utilize, build and create digital product using information technology and the internet. While digital entrepreneurship is an entrepreneurial spirit to create market business opportunities by utilizing information technology.

To specifically discuss about Digital Entrepreneurship Skills, we invited Co-Founder of Qasir.id, Mr. Rachmat Anggara, to speak further about his practical experience.

His digital creation, Qasir.id is a cashier register in the form of a mobile app, which aims to empower SMEs through technology. “SME is still at the center of economy in Indonesia”. The benefits of SMEs are; to create job opportunities, to create stability of local labor, and reduce unemployment in Indonesia.

However, SME is slowly beginning to lose equal economic opportunity compare with modern retail that already has better ecosystem to grow the business. It was proven in the 1998 and 2008 crisis, when SMEs were resistant to the crisis because they were using their own independent system. He believed that by creating an equal economic opportunity, it could increase the growth of the Indonesian offline market economy. Now, more than 52,000 merchants all over Indonesia use the Qasir app to help manage their business market offline.

Mr. Rachmat Anggara explaining about Digital Entrepreneurship

Soekarno once said “Give me 1.000 old men, surely I will pull semeru from its roots. Give me 10 young people, surely I will undoubtedly overtake the world.” And that is proven at this time, youth and technology are able to overtake the world.


AIESEC is an international organization for young people that help develop their leadership potential. This organization focuses on developing the leadership of young people and becoming ambassadors abroad to run social projects. AIESEC also focuses on leadership development, leadership experience, and participation in the Global Learning Environment.

About Qasir.id

Qasir is a mobile-app that has a mission to give an economic impact to Indonesia by empowering the SME’s through technology. It is a cash register application that helps merchants to record sales, manage products, monitor stock, and monitor transaction reports. Click here to visit their website.

About Youth IGF Indonesia

Youth Internet Governance Forum (Youth IGF) Indonesia is a recognized initiative, described by the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (UN-IGF) as an existing IGF Initiative and part of the Youth IGF Movement since 2011. It is a movement that operates as a multi-stakeholder platform, which allows Indonesian young people to discuss and take a lead in issues related to Internet governance in the format of local, national and international discussions. For more information about Youth IGF Indonesia, please visit bully.id and follow our Twitter and Instagram