Jakarta, ID (April 6, 2019) – Starting from March 2019, Spendless Cosmetics has already operated in Indonesia. Founded by Leza Parker, a Singaporean entrepreneur who is also a mom of 3 back in 2014, Spendless Cosmetics is an online based platform which engages in the field of beauty. The platform aims to officially link cosmetics traders and retailers. It’s Maiya Bella who has bought this platform franchise in Indonesia. Bringing the actual mission of this platform, Bella said that Spendless Cosmetics wanted to empower the people Indonesia, mainly women, through entrepreneurship that can be done at home via online technology.

Departing from that urge, on Spendless Cosmetics Indonesia launching that took place in Moonshine Dine & Lounge, there was a sharing session with cyberbullying as the topic. This topic was chosen as Spendless Cosmetics is an online platform. Therefore, cyberbullying and any other cybercrime will be very vulnerable to occur through this platform. Agita Pasaribu, Ambassador of Youth Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Indonesia, was given the opportunity to be the speaker of that session. Took Master Degree in University of Malaya where she focused her studies on open data, technology and legal ethics policies in Southeast Asia, Agita has done a research at TaC-Together Against Cybercrime International in France. It made her a very right person to talk about this topic.

“Cyberbullying is a phenomenon happening here in Indonesia. Not a few women are victimized, or even known as perpetrator. This is something that needs to be stop. And we must be the ones stopping it,” Agita said with the spirit that appears through the way she speaks. On that session, she gave information about legal actions that can be taken, where to get emotional assistance, and how to solve the problem of cyberbullying.

This representative of Youth IGF Indonesia explained the cycles of cyberbullying:

• Cyberstalking: the practice of people using the internet to contact and attempt to meet others without their consent

• Fraping: happens when somebody log into other person’s social media account and post inappropriate content under that person’s name

• Faking profiles: fake profiles are created by irresponsible persons to hide their identity, in order to bully or deceive others

• Trolling: an act of provoking a response through the use of insults or bad language online

• Catfishing: when somebody steal other person’s online identity for deceptive purpose

Interspersed with meet and greet by seven Jakarta’s influencers, this activity held by Spendless Cosmetics Indonesia delivered not only joy and insights, but also the will and courage to speak up against any kind of cyberbullying. It is seen by how the guests were actively engaged in the sharing session as the outcome.

Written by : Miranda Julistika | Comm & Publications | media@bully.id

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