Strasbourg, FR (November 20-22, 2019) – The Council of Europe held the annual conference, Octopus, last November. As an international organization which aimed to uphold human rights, democracy, and the rule of law in Europe, the council came up with the theme “Cooperation Against Cybercrime” for the last year’s conference. The conference itself is a part of the Cybercrime@Octopus Project, a project funded by voluntary contributions from Estonia, Hungary, Japan, Monaco, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, United Kingdom, USA and Microsoft as well as the budget of the Council of Europe.

Included as the agenda of the conference is seminar session with the main focus of “Evidence in cyberspace: multi-stakeholder consultation on the Protocol to the Budapest Convention”. Other than that, series of workshops were also held. The issues around cybercrime were being brought to the workshops, namely as follows:

  • Mapping responses on online child sexual exploitation and sexual abuse
  • Finding out the issues of data protection and criminal justice
  • Cooperation on cybercrime and cybersecurity: from incidents response to criminal justice
  • Cybercrime, “fake news” and election interference

Ending the conference with plenary session, expected takeaways of the Octopus Conference 2019 are the cooperation and coordination of people to fight against cybercrime. By continuing to strengthen the communication of international community as whole, frameworks and policies to regulate cybercrime could be developed. The respect of human rights will be gained and the acts of stopping cybercrime will be resulted.