Fighting fake medicine and supplies are crucial in this pandemic. The world’s supply chains for health products are groaning under the stress, and disruptions in sourcing and distribution will disproportionately impact poorer countries.  This situation is likely to worsen as huge COVID-19 emergency operations come on line.

Responding this situation, Youth IGF Indonesia hosted Mike Isles, Director of the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacy in the EU (ASOP EU) on Saturday 11th April 2020 via our Instagram account.

Following the live interview by Agita Pasaribu with the Director some key messages are below:

  1. As forcefully told by Dr Olga in the previous session, Mike reinforced the fact that there is NO CURE YET AVAILABLE for COVID-19.
  2. Some medicines are being developed but none as yet have a product licence for the treatment of COVID-19
  3. The audience was warned that and urged NOT TO BUY medicines from unauthorised source and other vendors aiming to exploit fears and concern during the ongoing pandemic. This information in more detail can be found here on the European Medicines Agency web site.
  4. Falsified medicines are fake medicines that vendors pass off as real or authorised. They may contain the wrong or no active ingredient or the right ingredient in the wrong amount. They may also contain harmful substances which could lead to severe health problems.
  5. The UK health authorities are investigating 14 cases of fake or unlicensed COVID-19 medical products
  6. Mike emphasised that there was a market because we the consumer/patient was creating the demand for the criminals to provide the illegal supply.
  7. There was a vaccine being developed but Mike warned that to develop a vaccine can take many months and indeed one expert was saying that 18 months was a realistic timeframe and even this time line can be regarded as optimistic. Reference Bill Gates
  8. Mike also emphasised to follow instructions issued by your government completely.
  10. Other measures were to: Wash your hand for longer that 20 seconds do this frequently, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue of sleeve when you cough or sneeze, put used tissue in a bin immediately and wash your hands, don’t touch you eyes, mouth or nose if your hands are not clean. Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects in your home, such as door handles and taps, shop responsibly, follow advice in stores, and only buy what you need for yourself and your family and those you are supporting.
  11. So stay at home, and leave the house for limited reason: Shop for basic necessities, one form of exercise per day near your home, do not drive somewhere to go for a walk as if you have a crash then that will involve the ambulance and services to be called exposing people to unnecessary risk. You can leave the house for any medical need, only travel to work only where you cannot work from home. Keep a social distance of at least 2 meters and food shops will usually have systems to enforce this. The full briefing leaflet from the UK government can be found here.
  12. Additional resources from ASOP EU can be found here and for the European citizen vital advice can be found here.

There is no cure yet available for COVID-19, don’t buy medicines from unauthorised source, as it is not only fake but also dangerous.”

Mike Isles, Director of the ASOP EU

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