Jakarta and Spain (October 28-31 and November 1-8, 2019) – SDG PIPE held a national bootcamp in Jakarta for four days starting from the 28th of October. The program was created as an incubation phase for the awardees of the competition, including Bully.id, a mobile application which considered as an innovation to solve social problem among youths which is cyberbullying. Beneficial matters are being given from people of several communities in the incubation session. Those are global competency, personal branding and individual development plan, impact measurement, social medias and networking, human centered design, and access to financing.

After the national bootcamp, the awardees were departed to take the international field training. The program held later in the 1st of November and lasted for eight days. This training took place in three big and famous cities of Spain; Madrid, Valencia, and Barcelona. In Spain, the awardees also got the opportunity to get several problem-solving, stakeholders mapping, and action planning workshops, do volunteer works for NGO, and also live as locals and learn their cultures by living with host families.

The goal of these trainings is to help the awardees in understanding socio-entrepreneurship, especially in international level. They tried to find which is the most suitable way of innovations development to be implemented in Indonesia. Thus, with these series of events being held, the awardees are expected to gain more knowledge and references in developing social platforms for our beloved nation, Indonesia.

The Awardees of SDG PIPE Competition 2019 in Spain