UNICEF, Save The Children and UN Global Compact are three founding organizations of the Children’s Rights and Business Principles. The 10 Principles in the right side, acknowledge that business presence, operations, products/services and brands are affecting children’s life everyday directly and indireclty as described in Children’s Rights and Business Principles document.

In Indonesia, the three organizations are represented by UNICEF Indonesia, Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik and Indonesian Global Compact Network (IGCN). Since 2013, the works of advocacy to mainstream Children’s Rights and Business Principles in Indonesia has started. After 5 years of its launch, the adoption of the principles was still very low. The facts that Indonesia has more than 2 million businesses operating across the nation, and limited resources within the three organizations promoting this principle were contributing the result of this slow adoption.

Children’s Right and Business Principle Working Group is designated to be a neutral framework that serves as consultative group where multi-stakeholder members of the group can discuss their ideas, challenges and solution to better implement Children’s Rights and Business Principles, which can lead to joint-advocacy works to provide recommendation of children’s rights regulations improvement to the Government of Indonesia towards National Action Plan of business and human rights.

Following IGCN existing framework of Business & Human Rights working group, the name of this initiative will be “Business & Children Rights (BCR)” working group.

BCR Working Group Presentation