Never before have kids been as exposed to new ideas, new cultures, new music and new art forms as they are today. But the easy accessibility to these new experiences through the Internet, can mean easy accessibility and vulnerable exposure to your child, your computer and your personal information. See what Indonesian parents say about cybersecurity and check out our tips to help you, and your kids, stay safe online. For more helpful information on how to keep your kids, and yourself, safe online, check out, @unyouthigf on Instagram and Twitter.

Written by : Miranda Julistika | Comm & Publications |

Abouth Youth IGF Indonesia Youth Internet Governance Forum (Youth IGF) Indonesia is a recognised initiative, described by the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (UN-IGF) as an existing IGF Initiative and part of the Youth IGF Movement since 2011. It is a movement that operates as a multi-stakeholder platform, which allows Indonesian young people to discuss and take a lead in issues related to Internet governance in the format of local, national and international discussions. For more information about Youth IGF Indonesia, please visit and follow our Twitter and Instagram