Safety and security are at the heart of every city. The well-being of citizens requires adequate security measures and law enforcement are well prepared and trained to combat infringement of the law effectively and to apprehend the wrongdoers.

In our technologically interconnected world and in smart communities of the future, the scope of the term security is quite broad and is not limited to only physical security of gated communities. With the increasing risk of cyber-crimes and data theft, smart cities would have to be prepared to tackle them adroitly. The risk of identity theft or stealing data would intensify in smart cities if they do not have a strong security framework.

 In order to avert this risk, a systematic approach is required along with getting the priorities in order, changes in cyber laws, recognizing data safety as a fundamental right and stay safe in cyber-world.

On the Seminar, Agita Pasaribu representing the UN-Youth IGF Indonesia, shared basic steps to stay safe on internet to protect your data privacy, since technology, data collection and cloud storage are relatively new city management tools. As more cities become better connected, the issue of digital security looms large, therefore, cybersecurity and vulnerabilities are now factors that have to be considered at the very inception and built into the process.

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