Jakarta, ID (April 14, 2019) – MyStudyWorld.com is a platform based in Jakarta that focus on providing information about education and career. The platform also known as the creator and organizer for several annual events. One of the events held by MyStudyWorld.com which targeted mainly for students and academicians in Indonesia and around the world is World Post Graduate Expo. It is an international education exhibition devoted to Postgraduate education. Packed in an interesting way, this exhibition presents prestigious universities from Indonesia and other countries around the world. There are also sharing sessions and seminars around Postgraduate lectures, self-development, and careers by speakers who are experienced in their fields.

Agita Pasaribu, Ambassador for Youth Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Indonesia was one of the speakers in World Post Graduate Expo 2019. This University of Indonesia for Bachelor Programme and University of Malaya for Master Programme graduate shared her stories on education, mainly about studying abroad. Well experienced in bulding an international career path, she told the prospective students of Magister and Doctor Programme who came to the event to not only focus on their academic matters, but also non-academic ones.

“Academics are not everything. In fact, it’s good for you to be involved in things beyond just your studies. A wide range of interests and activities will not only improve your life, but also your job prospects, too,” said Agita on her sharing session. Non-academic activities and experiences that will be taken into account if you want to build an international career include joining competitions and conferences, getting involved in organization, volunteering for projects, signing up for fellowship, and even presenting as speakers.

Four core points Agita would like everyone to remember and practice on bulding international career are:

• Market yourself by building networks and connections

• Enrich yourself by learning foreign languages

• Be adaptive towards the culture of other countries

• Be the best graduate through publishing your thesis

To close her statements, this woman who has been a speaker in TEDx advised all attendees to always be flexible, patient, and prepared. These three things are very important. Many international students forget these once they started to build an international career. In the end, they felt confused and even lost in the middle of the road they have committed to take. Last but not least is to avoid frustration in any kind. Remain happy and enjoy the pathway in building international career.

Written by : Miranda Julistika | Comm & Publications | media@bully.id

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