Jakarta, ID (October 1, 2019) – The second HAPS International Annual Seminar has been held in 2019 by IEEE Indonesia Section AESS-GRSS (Aerospace & Electronics System Society-Geoscience & Remote Sensing Society) Joint Chapter and IICF (Indonesia-ITU Concern Form). This event was moderated by Agita Pasaribu, the member of IICF and also the Ambassador of Youth IGF Indonesia. Held in Ayana Mid Plaza Hotel, Jakarta, the big theme of this seminar is “Future Rural Broadband Connectivity, Disaster Recovery, Remote Sensing and Geo-Localization: Opportunities and Challenges on Technologies, Applications and Regulation”.

HAPS which stands for High-Altitude Pseudo-Satellite is an airship or plane with no crew inside, watching over Earth from the stratosphere. It does operate like satellites, but from closer to the Earth. HAPS is the ‘missing link’ between drones flying close to the surface of Earth and satellites which orbit in space. Experts in related fields such as electronic and telecommunication, airspace, aeronautic, telematic, disaster, and geospatial attended the seminar to give the explanation on how broadband telecommunication service work to recover disaster.

Indonesia as a country with high potential of natural disaster must be informed with the ability of technology to help mitigate the number of victims when disaster occurred. Agita as the moderator hoped for such event to be held regularly in Indonesia for people to recognize the importance of technological development in solving this issue. Hopefully, more people (mainly the youths), will get into the fields of telecommunication, aerospace, disaster, and such, knowing that the platforms which accommodate their interests are available and the contribution they will bring are essential.