Agita Pasaribu, Founder of, receiving award from SDG PIPE

Jakarta, ID (September 16-17, 2019) –, a free mobile application designed with the aim to give confidential support to the victims of cyberbullying, won an award as an innovation in dealing with social problem. This mobile application is developed by Agita Pasaribu, a legal consultant and the Ambassador of Youth Internet Governance Forum. and nine other platforms engaged in various fields were awarded in the competition held by SDG PIPE.

Quoted from its website page, SDG PIPE (Sustainable Development Goals Pemuda Indonesia Penggerak Perubahan) is a program of collaboration by Go Global Indonesia together with Campaign and PIRAC to appreciate young Indonesian innovators who have started movements and social ventures (digital and non-digital) in order to support the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs). In September 2019, SDG PIPE held a competition and resulted 10 platforms in total as the awardees for their contribution to attain the SDGs. was the only awardee with its platform focusing on mental health issue of young people.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is implemented on this application. Integrated with social media accounts of the user, the AI will help them suggest which package is most suitable to their condition. Psychologist and lawyers as professionals will give emotional and legal assistance needed by the users. Agita said that her idea of creating this application is more than just to help those in need, but also to remind and build awareness to stop any form of cyberbullying.