Jakarta, ID (October 13, 2019) – October 10 is commemorated as World Mental Health Day. To raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilize efforts in support of mental health are the objectives of this day which celebrated annually. There are many ways done to celebrate this remarkable day. An unique way was chosen by Teman Piknikmu, a community aimed to gather people to discuss on topics and issues. The way they celebrated World Mental Health Day 2019, just like the name of the community itself, was to become the friends who bring people together to a picnic at the park and talk regarding mental health.

Located in Lapangan Banteng, Jakarta, the picnic session was held for two hours and attended by a group of young people who are concerned with the issue of bullying and its impact on mental health. Agita Pasaribu as the Ambassador of Youth IGF Indonesia and Founder of Bully.id, a future AI mobile app created to give the victim of cyberbullying emotional and legal assistance, acted as the speaker in this session. Also represented in this session is Olphi Disya Arinda, the Director of Alpas.id, a community focusing on psychological and mental issues and an activist of mental health issue. 

Representing Bully.id, Agita gave talk about cyberbullying and how to fight against is in this session. She stated how we should be free from bullying in any form and how important it is for us to take a stand against any acts of these. She closed the session by saying “You became a bully if you are just sitting around, watching someone get bullied without the guts to say anything. Speak up for yourself and others!”