30 years ago the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted, enshrining the rights of all children in all settings. This was the same year that the Internet was launched. The impact of the internet on children’s lives and on children’s rights could not have been imagined – both the opportunities and the risks.

Protecting children in an ever evolving online world requires a multi-sectoral and collaborative approach across sectors, as well as across borders and the region. Bringing together Governments, ICT and private sector, NGOs, UN and regional and global experts, the Conference will provide a platform to showcase the latest research and multi-sectoral initiatives, as well as best practices in the technology, justice, social welfare, education, and financial sectors, and to promote the implementation of new Declaration on the Protection of Children from All Forms of Online Abuse and Exploitation in ASEAN and other key ASEAN initiatives on child online protection.

This three-day conference  provided an opportunity for governments and organizations from the region (including with regional and global experts) to learn about the latest research and initiatives related to child online protection; facilitate exchanges of ideas between global, regional, and national thought leaders on best practices for child online protection across different sectors: technology; justice; education; financial; and social welfare; encourage future-looking legal, policy, educational, and technological responses for children that can adapt to rapidly changing fields of technology such as artificial intelligence and the internet of things;  provide a platform to consider cross-regional and inter-regional collaboration; and provide a channel to share experiences and recommendations from under-18s in the region.