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The Youth IGF Indonesia is a recognised initiative, described by the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (UN-IGF) as an existing IGF Initiative and part of the Youth IGF Movement since 2011.

It is a movement that operates as a multi-stakeholder platform, which allows Indonesian young people to discuss and take a lead in issues related to Internet governance in the format of local, national and international discussions. Read more...

The United Nations Secretary-General established the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in 2006.
The IGF is a prominent venue where civil society, industry, the technical community, and decision makers discuss key aspects of Internet governance issues on an equal footing. Mandated by the UN, the informal nature of the IGF promotes the full and frank exchange of ideas on important Internet policy issues without the high intensity conflicts that characterize other international fora where recommendations or binding treaties are made.

The IGF Secretariat and the Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) are the main institutional bodies of the IGF.

The MAG is comprised of 56 members from all stakeholder groups. Its purpose is to assist the Secretary General in convening the IGF. The MAG holds meetings 3 times a year at the Palais des Nations in Geneva and is preceded by open consultations and meetings. Localized discussions of Internet policy occur at regional and national IGF events, which are held all year worldwide.

While the IGF does not adopt resolutions or create any binding treaties, its importance lies in its ability to facilitate discourse between international organizations dealing with international public policies and the future of the Internet. IGF gatherings discuss proposed regulatory frameworks, potential risks, global trends, best and worst practices that been adopted or are currently under discussion around the world. Participants examine the impact of treaties and recommendations adopted in other international venues.

Building a Safer Internet

We believe diverse youth initiatives impacting the world power a safer online community and internet. This core principle, shape our mission: ensuring the young people aware of digital literacy to improve digital dignity.

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The Rights We Support

  • giving children and youth a voice to articulate their needs and to meaningfully shape their digital environment.
  • collaborating with designers, computer scientists, child development experts, user experience engineers, and academics to develop prototypes that show how the digital environment can be redesigned in children and youth’s ‘best interests’.
  • publishing research to build and disseminate evidence on how best to meet children and youth’s development needs online.
  • sharing knowledge to ensure that those with responsibility for children and youth, including teachers, parents, social workers and policy-makers make informed decisions.
  • developing a digital literacy framework that tackles questions of motivation, citizenship and digital engagement, alongside discussions of ‘21st century’ skills necessary to flourish in the digital environment.
  • building a consensus on the need for a global governance structure that would establish universal standards of age-appropriate design online.

5 Rights Framework

What People Say

” I would particularly like to commend the work of the Youth IGF, a network of young people in developed and less developed countries who are active in their local communities and in the online space. “

Julie WARD

Member of the European Parliament
"We are millions, united with one mission: to make the internet a place where everyone is empowered to use technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively."

Agita Pasaribu

Youth Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Ambassador for Indonesia
The life of young people is connected more and more with virtual worlds, the cyberspace and online platforms, which makes digital literacy fundamental for the youth to use internet wisely and safely. Young people should have definite competences to be able to manage their own security on the Internet as well as evaluate the sources and know how to introduce themselves on the internet or develop a responsible Internet conversation.

David Leon



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ITU Journal
Open Data Policies: Lessons Learned from Indonesia


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Internet Governance Forum Berlin 2019

One World. One Net. One Vision.

25-29 November 2019

Internet Governance Forum Berlin 2019

One World. One Net. One Vision.

25-29 November 2019

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20 July 2019

She Loves Tech Global Startup Competition 2019

This competition provides a platform for not only women entrepreneurs, but also startups dedicated to improving the lives of women globally.

20 July 2019

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Amplifying Indonesian youth voices in Internet Governance through an open platform for Internet-related discussions

Youth IGF Indonesia

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